Online Collaboration

Collaborative information retrieval was the focus of a project entitled Collaborative Information Retrieval from Multiple Real-Time Sources, funded by NSF grant #1013594, that we completed in 2010. The official Outcomes Report can be found at the Research Spending and Results page of, by searching for Federal Award ID 1013594. Some of the technology in our multisearch engine Noflail Search is derived from that project.

An important element of online collaboration is centralized file-sharing. Centralized file-sharing has special security implications that we have addressed with our work on file-sharing security.

Collaborative projects with high-privacy requirements are best carried out in an online group where the creator of the group sets up subaccounts for users, administers those accounts, and may delegate administrative privileges to some of the users. Our work on password security for user-administered collaborative applications has produced new techniques for improving the security provided by traditional passwords for such online groups.