Pomcor JavaScript Cryptographic Library (PJCL)

PJCL is a cryptographic library written in JavaScript, currently in beta test, available free of charge under the terms of its license. The initial public release, version 0.9.0, provided digital signature funcionality. A second release, version 0.9.1, added key agreement and key derivation. Revision of those two releases have made minor changes as indicated below and described in their documentations. Additional functionality including encryption will be provided in forthcoming releases.

Please see the documentation of the latest release and the blog posts listed below for additional information.

A demo of cryptographic authentication for a Node.js web application using PJCL on client and server was made at IIW 26. The following zip archive contains the code for the demo (updated to support IE) and two flyers summarizing how registration and authetication are implemented:

Blog posts related to PJCL: