Pomcor — Research on Web and Mobile Technology

Pomcor conducts research on Web and mobile technology, currently focusing on applications of cryptography and biometrics to identity proofing and user authentication. As part of a research project on remote identity proofing we have invented the concept of a rich credential, which allows a subject to submit three kinds of verification factors (something that the subject has, something that the subject knows and something that the subject “is”) to a remote verifier with whom the subject has no prior relationship, with selective disclosure of attributes and selective presentation of verification factors.

As announced in a blog post, we have recently released a beta test version of the Pomcor JavaScript Cryptographic Library (PJCL). The initial version of the library provides symmetric and asymmetric digital signature functionality, including HMAC, DSA, and ECDSA with NIST curves; broader cryptographic functionality will be included in future releases. The library is highly optimized and includes a big integer subset that features Karatsuba multiplication and very fast modular exponentiation.

We discuss our research and issues related to security, privacy and Internet identity on our blog and in white papers and technical reports, which can be found below and in the archive.

Pomcor is a graduate of the San Diego CONNECT Springboard program. We are currently based in the Sacramento area. You can find out more about us in the company page.