Pomcor — Research on Internet Identity

Pomcor conducts research on Web and mobile technology, currently focusing on applications of cryptography and biometrics in the area of Internet Identity. Our mission is to identify shortcomings of current technology and provide innovative solutions that advance the state of the art.

We have recently completed a research project on remote identity proofing. The results of the project were recently discussed at IIW XXIII. We invented the concept of a rich credential, which allows a subject to submit three kinds of verification factors (something that the subject has, something that the subject knows and something that the subject “is”) to a remote verifier with whom the subject has no prior relationship. We also invented a method of implementing a PKI on a blockchain without CRLs or OCSP, and techniques for using credentials carried in NFC tokens, such as contactless EMV payment cards, medical identification smart cards or passports with embedded RFID chips, for remote identity proofing.

We are also working on a cryptographic toolkit that will allow developers of web applications to implement cryptographic authentication easily, obviating the need to rely on passwords for authentication. The toolkit will be based on a high performance big integer library implemented in JavaScript. As an initial result, we have coded an implementation of modular exponentiation in JavaScript that is between six and ten times faster than the one in the Stanford JavaScript Cryptograpic Library (SJCL). (Modular exponentiation is the algorithm whose performance determines the performance of the classical public key cryptosystems: RSA, DSA and DH.) More information about this work can be found in the JavaScript Cryptography page.

We discuss our research and issues related to security, privacy and Internet identity on our blog and in white papers and technical reports, which can be found below and in the archive.

We have been granted six patents, two of which we have sold with grant back, and are currently prosecuting several patent applications. Contact us if you are interested in licensing or acquiring some of our patents or taking advantage of our consulting services.

Pomcor is a graduate of the San Diego CONNECT Springboard program. We are currently based in the Sacramento area. You can find out more about us in the company page.